Men's Health

Globally, men’s average life expectancy is about four years less than women. There is not a single country in the world where men are expected to outlive women. In developed countries such as the United States, what is known as the “sex gap” in life expectancy is actually increasing.

Both race and socioeconomic status also impact a man’s health and life expectancy.  In the U.S., African-American men’s life expectancy is eight years less than Hispanic men and five years less than white men. Studies show that American men living in the poorest, most disadvantaged neighborhoods have significantly reduced life expectancy compared to those living in less deprived neighborhoods. 

Making men’s health a priority is the first step to closing the sex gap and building healthier communities.

We are offering some procedures to play a positive role in Men's  Health. Some services we are offering include :

Medicine Management

Joints Health

Erectile Dysfuction

Priapus Shot®

Cardiac Prevention  Management 







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