TM Flow Test

TM flow test is painless and is used to detect nerve damage and peripheral vascular disease (PAD) due to various medical conditions that we can review with you. The TM-Flow System helps us differentiate vascular from neuropathic symptoms. TM-Flow is a unique Medical Device Data System that makes a difference.

The TM Flow is the newest & most clinically versatile Autonomic Nervous Systems (ANS) System to be introduced to the medical community. The TM Flow offers a comprehensive assessment of both branches of the autonomic system (ANS), Sudomotor Response, Peripheral Vascular Assessment (via ankle brachial index / ABI) as well as a complete cardiovascular assessment.

The TM Flow offers a unique diagnostic solution as it provides reliable & reproducible assessment in just 7 minutes. The TM Flow system is unique in its space due to the simple operation resulting with abundant clinical information. The newest version of the TM Flow offers wireless communication with the brachial blood pressure cuff, the ankle blood pressure cuffs and the photoplethysmograph (finger probe). The report from the TM Flow is much easier to interpret for physicians & medical professionals due to the color coding results with an automatic interpretation.

The TM Flow takes ANS Testing to a much higher level with a patient wellness report. This Wellness Report has proven to be an exceptional adjunct to the report as now physicians & medical professionals now have empirical data to send home with their patients to help patients with diet, exercise, food groups, supplements all suggested by the Wellness Report based on the findings of each individual patient.

At Winter Park Family Physicians we provide this test for the benefits of our patients.

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